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Niels Steensens Gymnasium

  • High professional standard
  • Reflection on values
  • International profile
  • Chinese study program for students in the primary school and the high school

Niels Steensens Gymnasium (NSG) is a private school with primary and secondary school divisions. Students are admitted from the 6th grade (approximately age 12). NSG is part of a worldwide network of Jesuit schools with more than 2 million students from universities, high schools and primary schools in more than 69 countries. All are characterized by Catholic values, a high professional standard and the development of students to become “men and women for others”.

High professional standard and care for others

NSG values a high professional standard where the students use their abilities in the best way possible and obtain a solid basis for their further education. NSG aims at helping to shape the students so they can use their abilities for the benefits of society as they move on through life.

NSG has a strong tradition of focusing on the individual students and their particular needs – whether it means giving attention to students who need extra help developing their skills or challenging those who have special talents and gifts.

Concern for others, locally and globally, is a value that characterizes many school activities, including interdisciplinary classes and special areas of study for example development strategies, climate changes and refugees.

Science and sports

NSG places great importance on providing the students with a solid background in natural sciences, and a significant part of the program is based on experiments and practical exercises. In addition, the natural science classes, like many other classes at NSG, involve out-of-school activities, such as excursions to the Polytechnical University, Copenhagen University, and research corporations.

Sports play an important role at the school. There are yearly sports arrangements across classes such as Christmas-volleyball and the physical fitness field day at one of the natural preserves in North Zealand.


NSG encourages students to reflect on who they are and on the values that form the basis for their life. All students attend a two-day break every year at a retreat centre in Northern Zealand. Here the students have peace and quiet to focus and reflect on subjects that are relevant for their age and educational level. The retreats also serve to improve the team spirits of the classes.

International activities

The larger world in which we live is an important part of the NSG profile, and the school aims at providing the students with an international perspective with respect and understanding of other cultures and religions. The students take part in study tours abroad and are invited to visit some of NSG’s partner schools in Germany and France. In addition, they may participate in two-week exchange programs at schools in Kentucky and Ohio during the 2nd year in high school.

During the summer vacation preceding the 3rd year in high school, students are selected for participation in Global Young Leaders Conference in Washington, D.C. and New York where students from around the world develop leadership and management skills based on dialogue and international understanding.

Chinese at NSG

Chinese culture is of special importance for NSG as a Jesuit school. The Jesuits were present early in China in the 16th century and made significant contributions to the exchange of science and culture between East and West. Inspired by their work, and to provide the students with the best qualifications, all primary school students are offered the possibility of attending Chinese classes.

The NSG high school division offers Chinese at basic and advanced levels as well as a course that includes Chinese A, English and French or German. An exchange program with The High School Affiliated with Renmin University in Beijing is also a possibility.

Students from the 8th grade to the last year in high school have the opportunity during the winter vacation to take part in a Beijing tour where one of NSG’s Chinese teachers serves as guide.